Why should anyone collect coins?

Do you look at each coin to find that special one that has errors? Are you someone who enjoys the beauty, the luster, the rarity of a coin? Do you find yourself researching to know more about a specific piece? Coin collecting is  hobby of extreme passion, as collectors see more details and learn about more history than the average person.

Coin collecting is the oldest hobby. It’s the “hobby of kings”. Civilizations have come and gone but their coins have remained. There are some periods of history that our only reference to them are their coins. Coin collecting doesn’t have to be just for historians, or for the ultra-rich, it can be for anyone with multiple interests.

There are diverse ways to collect and enjoy coins. People who collect coins on the basis of rarity are known as numismatics. There are also people who invest in rare coins and bullion (precious metals), and people who collect simply for aesthetics or what elicits a positive reaction such as a happy memory.

Step 1 of coin collecting – and not just coins – is to familiarize yourself of what is out there. You can visit a coin shop, go to a coin show, or surf the web from the comforts of your home. There are a lot of options. Don’t let the process overwhelm you, and happy hunting!

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