About Us

What Is The Coin and Gift Shop?

The Coin and Gift Shop is a special place full of history, jewelry, and yes: an abundance of coins. This is a place where people can bring their treasures: estate items, scrap gold and silver, and/or coins and currency for a fair price. When walking through the front doors of this establishment, customers are confident that they will be treated like gold!

A History of Changing Places

The new owners purchased this shop from long previous ownership, who had purchased this shop in 1995 from the Weavers, who purchased from the Millers. The Coin and Gift Shop has its own family tree! The original shop was on 85 East Elizabeth Street. The building, which has since been torn down, was small, dingy, dark, dusty, pretty much unpleasant place. Four months after they moved in, they contacted the landlord requesting some minor fixes. There were no lights, and the front door wouldn’t always open so many customers would walk away thinking the shop had closed. The Landlord said no to all of the requests except the front door. And then he added that he was going to raise the rent! A month later, The Coin and Gift Shop moved to its new place on 136 West Elizabeth Street where it remained for 17 years until the next move.

Wait, the Windows are Bulletproof?

1855 East Market Street at one time was Massanutten Bank and Trust and then a BB&T! BB&T then left the building vacant. The previous owners saw that this place was for sale and were interested but someone had already placed a bid. They didn’t give it a second thought. Months later, they saw a “For Sale” sign once again and went for it. The previous bid from Florida had fallen through. In 2010, they made this building Coin and Gift Shop’s new home. It has a comfortable atmosphere and plenty of room for customers to take their time to browse and discuss coins, jewelry, or estate pieces.


The current owners are business partners with various expertise and experiences that add to the character and charm of the Coin and Gift Shop.

Coin and Gift Shop went from a mom and pop shop to a “hopping” shop! There’s never a dull moment with the numerous interesting customers that come through the door. This is a place that even if it’s your first time visiting, you will feel like you’re among old friends.

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