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The Coin & Gift Shop is a coin dealer that buys and sells scrap gold, silver, jewelry, and precious metals. Whether you are looking to buy precious metals at incredibly low prices or make some quick cash by selling your own unwanted gold or silver, we are always happy to serve you. The Coin & Gift Shop specializes in buying and selling rare coins, jewelry, and bullion. We carry gold, silver and copper coins. Additionally, we are authorized dealers for PCGS (Professional Coin Grading Service) and NGC (Numismatic Guaranty Corporation). Stop by today to view our inventory. The Coin & Gift Shop are experts with digitizing and selling coins and jewelry for online venues such as auctions and Ebay.

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Gold and Silver are available for online purchase Tuesday-Saturday 10-5.

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About Us

The Coin and Gift Shop is a special place full of history, character, jewelry and yes, an abundance of coins. This is a place where people can bring their treasures, estate items, scrap gold and silver, and/or coins and currency, to get a very fair price. The current owners are business partners with various expertise and experiences that add to the character and charm of The Coin and Gift Shop.

Here at The Coin & Gift Shop, our team is dedicated to buying and selling gold, silver, and precious metals at prices that make everyone happy. We are always on the lookout for gold and silver jewelry. If you have jewelry or scrap metal that you need to get rid of, bring it to The Coin & Gift Shop to sell it to us for top dollar. The market for gold and silver is incredibly lucrative right now, so don’t wait too long!

We look forward to meeting you or, seeing you again!

 Local Artwork

The Coin and Gift Shop is proud to have designated a wall for local artist to display their art for a contracted period of time. This wall provides a safe space for artists who can either display their art, and/or offer artwork for purchase to the public. An application, examples of artwork and a signed contract provided by The Coin and Gift Shop must be completed. Come in to see this month’s featured artist!

The wall has been named, Gloria B. Art Wall, as a tribute to the previous owner. Gloria is a native to the Commonwealth, who became an expert with precious metals, gemstones, and costume jewelry creating one-of-a kind collections that have given thousands of customers pleasure from viewing and purchasing.


  • I was greeted by a staff that was very personable. I was actually surprised that a 10 carat gold chain was worth more than what I originally purchased it for at retailer. If someone comes to me and say “Where would you go to sell some old broken jewelry?” I would say: “Definitely The Coin & Gift Shop in Harrisonburg.”

    Nicole Klingensmith
  • I came to the Coin and Gift Shop today because I’ve taken my gold and my Jewelry down to another place and they told me it wasn’t worth anything. So I had a conversation with my dad and he told me to come here, to The Coin and Gift Shop. The girls were awesome, they took their time, they went through every piece of my jewelry, told me what was good, gave me some cash for the stuff that I knew was good. I’m gonna tell my friends what my experience was and I definitely refer them to the Coin and Gift Shop. It was AWESOME!

    Sara Hamblin
  • Now we just say: “Go get some money, they’ll give you an excellent deal.” I can tell everybody about The Coin & Gift Shop. Go get to learn it.

    Peggy Thomas & Christine Tolson
  • If you have a bunch of junk jewelry that you don’t wear anymore that’s broken, or old coins that you’re not sure; come to The Coin & Gift Shop. You will be happy with what you leave with.

  • I found some coins at home that my father-in-law has been saving when he wanted to do great things with it.
    My financial advisor recommended The Coin & Gift Shop to me and so he said that they would give a fair deal.

  • I’ve been with The Coin & Gift Shop for at least 20 years. When you find old junk jewelry and have junk jewelry, come to The Coin & Gift Shop and bring it; they have the best prices in town. And out of town, they will beat everybody’s prices.

  • Any of my friends from the valley, bring it to The Coin & Gift Shop.

  • If you have a lot of junk and you don’t know if it’s worth anything, you should definitely come into The Coin & Gift Shop and let them test it. I beg you’ll be surprised. I definitely was surprised.

  • I really didn’t expect to get the amount that I got. I will definitely say that this is very comfortable environment to be and everybody else that I encountered, they made me feel very comfortable. I just want to hang out here.


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Are you curious to know what that old coin your grandfather left you might be worth? Or how about a pile of jewelry that you haven’t worn in years? Send us a note using this form!
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Hours of Operation:
Tuesday – Saturday: 10 am – 5 pm

The Coin & Gift Shop:

1855 E Market Street, Harrisonburg, VA 22801 – 5101.

Phone number: (540) 434 – 1938


American Numismatic Association (ANA)
Virginia Numismatic Association (VNA)


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