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Interested in selling to us? The Coin & Gift Shop team specializes in buying all manner of coins and precious metals; gold, silver, common and/or rare; and gold and silver jewelry and scrap; sterling silver flatware, hollowware, industrial metal, and pretty much anything that has precious metals. When in doubt, bring it on in and we can tell you what you have. From our broad base of experience we are able to evaluate your tangible assets and offer top dollar.
The first step is to bring your items to our Shop. No appointment is necessary. However, if you do have a large amount, you may want to call ahead at (540) 434-1938. Interested in spot prices? Click here to see a live graph! 

Unfortunately we are unable to accept silver- or gold-plated items because we have no outlet for them. We recommend taking such items, as well as collectibles such as stamps and sports cards, to antique malls instead. While we love the thought of you selling to us, we’d much rather see you get the money you deserve for your items! Not a single member of our team makes commission off of sales meaning that no one is ever incentivized to be less than perfectly (if not sometimes brutally) honest with you.

When you first arrive, you will be buzzed in by a staff member. You’ll be asked to bring your items to the counter (or the side desk if you bring enough in) where at least one of us will start to go through them with you. Depending on what you’ve brought us, we may use various tools at our disposal (acid testing, X-ray testing, electronic gem testers, etc.) to determine what metals, gems, etc., are in front of us. Please arrive early enough in the day for us to go through everything before closing at 5:00 p.m. (1700hr).

After everything has been sorted, we’ll tell you what we want to buy and what we’ll pay for it! Seeing as this process can take up to several hours, it’s always best to call beforehand to see how busy we are. We are happy to help carry large estates in should you need it.

Selling your items

Sell Your Items to Us!


Are you curious to know what that old coin your grandfather left you might be worth? Or how about a pile of jewelry that you haven’t worn in years? Send us a note using this form!
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Tuesday – Saturday: 10 am – 5 pm

The Coin & Gift Shop:

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Phone number: (540) 434 – 1938


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