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  • Netti Rosenstein Flower Pin

    Netti Rosenstein Flower Pin. Size is 1 1/2 x 1 1/2 inches. Total weight is…

    $39.00 ADD
  • Running River Bracelet

    Deceptively simple, a line of sculptured motifs, set with vintage glass stones and new crystal,…

    $45.00 ADD
  • Victorian Black Cross Earrings

    These cross earrings showcase glittering red stones surrounding a central black stone and measure 1…

    $28.00 ADD
  • Talavera Tile Wire Cuff Bracelet

    This cuff bracelet has a rustic talavera tile set into a textured, handmade bronze frame….

    $60.00 $45.00 ADD
  • Southwestern Iron Layering Necklace

    This necklace is made up of hammered iron designs, beads, clover shapes, and small crystals….

    $37.00 ADD
  • Steer Skull Conchito Earrings

    Steer skulls have been delicately molded to accurately represent a steer. It rests upon a…

    $28.00 ADD
  • Coral Drop Earrings

    These intricate earrings are molded with a floral pattern and filigreed beads that dangle below….

    $38.00 ADD
  • Stunning Somerset Garnet Statement Necklace

    Graceful brackets of metal tracery are mounted with garlands of crystal and pearls. Square cut…

    $100.00 $75.00 ADD
  • Gemstone Garden Multi Strand Necklace

    This layered cascade necklace radiates the earthy vibe of Summer and Autumn. Six strands of…

    $54.00 ADD
  • Stunning Gemstone Garden Necklace

    Ancient Romans loved natural stones.¬†Stunning necklace features turquoise stones, pearls and crystal beads.¬†Burnished bronze metal…

    $36.00 ADD
  • Unique & Stunning Blue Roses Necklace

    Panels mounted with dimensional roses, leaves and art glass are accented with aurora crystal. Interesting…

    $100.00 $79.00 ADD
  • Millefiori Glass Candy Tassel Necklace, 34 inches

    Gorgeous Multi-color handmade millefiori glass beads alternate with colored glass rings and oval link chain…

    $52.00 ADD